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  • A 3 week program: - Over the next 3 weeks I will be taking your through a FREE program to help you regain a functional core, you get a downloadable program and instructions along with instructional videos for each move and work-along videos for the full workout.
  • Extra Resources: - Extra resources at your finger tips, such as a transverse abdominis guide, measurement information and nutrition guide.
  • Facebook Group: A Facebook group, with 1,000's of other ladies for support and motivation. I am in there everyday to answer any questions you have!.
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About Katrina 
Hi, I'm Katrina Oakley - certified postpartum corrective exercise specialist and posture specialist, and I help moms around the world to regain a functional core after giving birth.
The diastasis recti beginners program has helped moms to return to their exercise programs safely after retraining their core.
Without it, you run the risk of making your diastasis worse, having pelvic floor issue or back pain.
With it, you will know that you are doing safe corrective exercises and are on the road to a functional core.
Lets regain a functional core together